Children’s Activities

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Easy and safe top-notch child care for your little one(s).

Children’s Activities

Our desire is your children to have fun and leave the island with the best memories. In order to achieve this, the team of Cretan Luxury Services consists of a professional organizer on sailing boats, as well as motor boats.

As a very well-known sailing therapist specializing in child’s psychology, we work with Kids on board and our goal is our little sailors to be familiar with the sailing techniques such as compass, anchoring, sails, instruments, direction of wind, weather, safety etc. because we believe that sailing experience will give more self-esteem, self-confidence and parents will feel very proud of their child’s new sailing skills.

Wemanage our sailing boats and motor boats. We are two partners Sakis and Evie very willing to teach you the secrets of the sailing techniques, thinking out of the box.

We are very experienced licensed skippers and for security reasons both of us are on board during our sailing tours. We are alternative therapists on board, Evie is certified scuba instructor so we could offer you a pleasant introduction of scuba diving or snorkeling and Sakis is a professional psychologist with huge experience of Family psychology.

Our goal is to be part of your best vacation memories.

Weare expert to organize a daily sailing cruise starting at 9.30 in the morning embarkation from the old port Chania and return at 18.30 in the afternoon. Our proposal includes, skipper, co skipper, breakfast on board, refreshments, meal, snorkeling, sailing lessons and alternative therapies.Our yachts and motor boats keeps the high standards of security and yearly maintenance, according to European marine laws and rules,  inspected and full insured by Loyd’s Co.

After this unique experience we award your child with a certificate signed by the captain, the instructor and our company which can decorate your child’s bedroom back home which will make them proud of this unforgettable experience they had.

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