Small Eva

The ship is safest when it’s in port, but that’s not what ships are built for - Paulo Coelho


Relax and discover the fascinating coastal areas of Crete, on the boat of your dreams.

Small Eva

With this modern, luxurious yacht you can go anywhere you wish to and have the option of either throwing a party or relaxing while sunbathing.

You can also stop in the midst of the sea and if you like water sports, to choose between jetlev, fly board and hover board. In this way you will be able to combine play and fun, while admiring the magnificent scenery of the infinite blue.

The vessel can also dock and give you the opportunity for land excursions.

1 or 2 day Cruises

Enjoy a cruise on Small Eva

1st day

  • Balos, Gramvousa where you stay the night
  • Barbeque on the beach/ drink wine (Full board, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)

2nd day

  • Menies, Spathi
    Up to 6 persons
    Price 2.900€ (2 day cruise)
    1.900€ (one day)


  • Thodorou Island , Morning cruise or,
    Evening cruise (Sunset and back)
    5 hours

Sit and enjoy the magnificent view on deck, soak up the sun, sunbathe or dine and wine on one of our luxury boats while admiring the morning view or beautiful sunset on board our comfortable and fully equipped boats.

1-4 persons
Price: 70€ per person
Food /wine charged extra (upon request)

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