Personal Training

I’m in great shape. I am 30 years old and I feel like I am 29 - Jared Kintz


What seems impossible today will one day be your warm-up.

Personal Training

For some, working out is a lifestyle or a hobby they wish to continue while on vacation. If this sounds familiar, our partners will make sure you don’t miss out on a single hour of your daily workout! Certified trainers in Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, TRX, to name a few, are here to make sure that you will not leave Crete with extra ‘baggage’. Exercise routines are available for all ages in and out of water.

What every couple should try, if only for once in their lives, is the ‘body to body’ exercise. A special fitness routine, where through specific movements and exercises two bodies exercise exerting pressure on each other. All muscles are stimulated in conjunction with all the senses through touch and movement…..

Would you not try it?

Crossfit lessons for adults/children 3-12yrs  at guests accommodation

3 days of one hour training at guest’s accommodation (within 10km from center) 

Price: 100€

5 days of one hour training at customer’s accommodation (over10km) 

Price: 150€

3 days of one hour training, pick up / drop off 

Price: 150€ (minimum 2persons)

5 days of one hour training, pick up / drop off 

Price: 200€ (minimum 2 persons)

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