About us

About us

Our company was created by a group of people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, sharing the same deep knowledge and love for the island of Crete. What makes our services unique are the partneships we have established with carefully selected service providers, well known for their impeccable quality. We pride ourselves on offering the best luxury services in Crete.

Why us

Cretan Luxury Services is the only agency offering luxury services and full planning of your holidays during your stay on the magical island of Crete. We provide ultimate experiences through thematic excursions and tours, fulfilling your wishes on land, sea or air. Allowing you to choose from, our wide range of luxury vehicles, vessels and aircraft, how you want to travel around and explore the island.

We are available to each client 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always on hand to assist with any lifestyle requests.

Through our personalized and protective service, visitors have full access to connections and special benefits, each one tested by our team to guarantee that you will receive only the best. Our partners are all highly trained and skilled in their field and with their help will make the most out of your experience.

We offer a different kind of service. One that allows clients to have our direct email and mobile numbers, to make you feel safe and at home.

Our years of experience in hospitality, entertainment, gastronomy and sports, allow us to provide the best luxury services in Crete and fulfill your every need and desire. Luxury is what we do best.

We believe that everything and everyone in life needs love, beauty and a touch of luxury and this is our principle in everything we do!