Excursion to the Holy monastery of Metamorphosis – Saint Kyriaki – Holy Trinity

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Excursion to the Holy monastery of Metamorphosis – Saint Kyriaki – Holy Trinity

Holy monastery of Metamorphosis
The tour begins in the morning with our visit to the newly erected monastery in the area of Varipetro ideally located in the area which is a nature reserve. Here you will be taken on a guided tour of this impressive monastery – castle, learning how it was built a few years ago. The Byzantine architecture and surroundings are a true miracle of ecological engineering. You will also be introduced to other arts which flourish at the monastery such as iconography, marble sculpture, mosaics and embroidery.

Saint Kyriaki
Then, you will head towards Saint Kyriaki, following a scenic, stone carved trail accompanied by the fragrance of herbs and flowers, where we will talk about the local ecology and make a stop at the small cavern chapel of Saint Kallinikos.
Upon our arrival at Saint Kyriaki, a welcoming treat awaits us.
You will be guided around the old oil press which will be accompanied by an illuminating discussion.

Holy Trinity
The final part of our excursion brings us to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity dating back to the 16th century, to have a taste of the monastic gastronomy. A tour around the grounds, the ecclestiastical museum of the monastery and the viewing of a documentary, will reveal the stirring history of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, which among other things was also the home of the only Seminary on Crete.
Then you will be led to the hospitable atmosphere of the monastic refectory; an experience comparable to the greatest of Athonite refectories. Here, everything has the quality seal of nature and ecology.

Monastic meal
The menu includes a special combination of rare spices, pure and fresh ingredients directly from the gardens of the monastery, bread from pure flour, oil from a traditional oil press and wine from the monastic vineyards. All these treasures of the Cretan countryside are combined, so that you will taste a unique and delicious culinary experience (full meal included).
Visitors are also offered the opportunity of visiting the wine cellar, with the impressive collection of award-winning varieties.
In the early afternoon after a brief but relaxing break you will depart for Chania.

Through this discovery you will leave with a sense of peace and satisfaction.

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