Exploration of a cave with a unique beauty

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Discover many less explored beautiful and memorizing caves around Crete.

Exploration of a cave with a unique beauty

Travelling to the inland of Chania will allow you to visit and be enchanted by the variations of the Cretan landscape.

You will get the chance to meet the locals, taste and purchase local products and if you wish, take home with you cheese, rusks, olives, oil and wine, the basic pure ingredients of every healthy diet. Our guide can lead you into a virgin cave, untouched by tourism, where you will get the chance of trying the therapeutic properties of clay by rubbing it against the skin.

If you are a more experienced hiker, you can choose to visit an underground river, which dries up during the summer season.
With your headlight as the only source of light you can explore the cave and be photographed by a professional photographer, to create lasting memories of your adventure.

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