Private Chef Catering

To eat is a necessity. But to eat intelligently is an art - Francois de la Rochefoucauld


Our private chef will make sure that when you leave Crete, you will have one more favorite recipe in your cookbook.

Private Chef Catering

Whether it’s at your villa, on the beach, in a private VIP club, or on a boat overlooking the deep blue sea of Chania, our private chef will make your wish come true and create gastronomic delights in the setting of your choice.

We can also recommend and escort you to some of the best and most popular restaurants available on the island where you will be able to taste and enjoy a private viewing of cooking, and learn secrets and tricks …
All you have to do is choose where, when and with whom you would like to share this unique experience (This service is available for private party groups too.)
Ingredients extra charge (with receipt)

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